Are you curious about freemasonry?

As a fraternal organization that exists since hundreds of years in many different parts of the world, freemasonry still stirs agitation after only hearing this word. People are curious about it, some of them wish to join a lodge, but others blame it without even knowing what it truly is. The shadow is cast away and it is time for people to learn the truth about this fraternal organization.

What are the principles of freemasonry?

Freemasonry is not a cult, neither a religion. It is far from being a forum and people do not join it to have a place of worship. Because freemasonry accepts people of all religious beliefs – as long as they believe in a superior being – it does not teach a religious philosophy. In fact, they do not even discuss religion at their meetings. When the members of a freemasonry lodge will gather together, it will be to discuss important information regarding politics, economy and other various topics.

The high principles of masonry are established on the fact that freemasonry is a fraternity – noting less, nothing more and nothing other. The members are equal to each other and they have very high moral standards. They are an active presence at social events and charity activities and some of them are known as Illuminati, which is actually a secret society – and no one will ever prove if it is real or not.

Those who are members of a freemasonry lodge are allowed to tell that they are a freemason, but they cannot divulge the secrets of the order. There were a few men who tried to do it and rumours say they mysteriously disappeared before they made their secrets published. But morality, friendship, fraternity and brotherly love are probably their best kept secrets. Do you want to hear more about freemasonry?