Welcome to the Mark!

I do hope will encourage further investigation from members of the Craft and anyone else who may be interested in Freemasonry.

The page entitled "The Mark Degree" describes the Order in general terms and the page "Mark in Warwickshire" provides some guidance to joining, together with details of the structure within our Province.

The site helps to show the involvement of Mark Master Masons in the many events which take place in the Province. The Newsletter provides information and illustrations of recent and future activities, and the Calendar page provides further details, together with contact and booking information.

Mrs Pam Sanders has asked us to let you know that a total of £1,500 was sent to Cancer Research in memory of W Bro Chris Sanders. She is most grateful to all who donated, and also wishes to thank all those who have supported her and the family during their bereavement. Following the sad news of the sudden death, on Sunday 26th April, of W Bro Rodney Pitham, PAGDC, the Provincial Grand DC for the Mark Province of Worcestershire and a Past Master of the Silhill Lodge of MMMs No 972, we can now let you know that his funeral will be held on Tuesday 5th May at St James the Great Church, at the junction of Stratford Road and Church Road, Shirley B90 2AX

The service will be at 2.00pm, followed by a private cremation for family only. W Bro Rodney was well known to us all as an Assistant Provincial Grand Master in the Craft, and a very active Information Officer. He was Master of the Silhill Lodge of MMM No 972 in 2003 and again in 2004. In the Mark Province of Worcestershire, W Bro Rodney was an extremely competent and helpful Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies where his legal training provided him with an eye for detail.

We are pleased to announce that the MW Grand Master is to appoint or promote the following brethren of the Province in Grand Rank. The forthcoming meeting of the Lodge on Thursday 30th April 2009 will be another milestone in the history of the province. As well as W Bro Spencer T E Fenn being installed as Master of this important Lodge, those attending will be privileged to witness the appointment, investiture and installation of W Bro Roger S Mac as our Deputy Provincial Grand Master. All Mark Masons are welcome to attend meetings of this Lodge and it would make this meeting even more special if we have your company

A Past Provincial Grand Master of the Craft, and Past Grand Superintendent of the Royal Arch, R W Bro Stanley had been a Mark Mason for 59 years, having been Advanced into Concord Lodge of MMMs No 735 in October 1949. He was Advanced into Shakespeare Lodge of MMMs 40 TI on 11th October 1960, and became WM in 1974. He was appointed PProvGReg in 1976, promoted to PProvGJW in 1981 and PProvGSW in 1993. John was Elevated into Shakespeare Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No 40 on 8th October 1963, but it appears he didn't enjoy it and resigned in 1967.

Advanced into The Harry Wilson Lodge of MMMs No 1574, Roger has been a stalwart of that Lodge for many years, as well as a member of WIMMs Lodge No 1400 and a Founder of the Ronald Albutt Lodge No 1818. Roger is a Mark Mason to the core and has for many years supported our Provincial Mark events.

Facts about freemasonry

This fraternal organization with obscure origins has lodges and representatives in almost any region of the world. Freemasons gather together at their special meetings and statistics show there are about 480,000 freemasons only in Great Britain. Those who wish to join a lodge will have to go through various initiation rituals that include lectures and eccentric ceremonies that will prepare the new member for what will come next.

A fraternity organization to believe in

Men of all religions can join a freemasonry lodge as long as they believe in a superior being. It does not matter if you believe in God, Allah or other God, as long as you believe in divinity. Freemasons are heavily involved in charitable activities, they are always interested in improving themselves and they wish to make a change in this world. Their goal is to make this world a better place and the tools and instruments that they use – brotherly love, friendship and morality – reflect the high standards of their fraternity organization.

The Warwickshire Mark will welcome any members who meet the high standards desired in any freemasonry lodge. Even if you have sinned with a friend, you can seek for redemption in a freemasonry lodge. But you will have to change and have very high moral standards if you want to remain in this fraternal organization. The members of freemasonry were the first advocates of equality, yet they still do not accept women in their fraternal organizations.

On the other hand, they always believed that all men are equal. They disregard the social distinctions and even since the first days of freemasonry they accepted members from all ways of life. Charles Darwin was a freemason and he was a member of a lodge in Scotland. Most freemasons helped each other and even if they were at war their loyalty did not disappear.

Who are freemasons?

The most famous masonic sign – the square, the compasses and the eye – did not appear to cast a shadow over this fraternity organization. The truth is that in the beginning of it the freemasonry members did not know how to read and they needed a symbol to remind them of the high values and morals. If the square symbolizes the morality, the compasses are present in this symbol to remind of wisdom of conduct. This symbol can be interpreted in many ways, but they want to reveal that those who follow the path of right will always live in perfection and harmony.

Although the freemasons are believed to be a part of a cult, the truth is that Freemasonry is not a cult, neither a religion. If members of a cult will always look for new recruits, those who want to become freemasons will have to obtain the acceptance of another freemason. In addition to this, leaving a cult is quite difficult, once the freemasonry lodge can be left at any time, if you believe it does not suit your needs or requirements. Join the Warwickshire lodge and find more facts about freemasonry!

How to distinguish hives from insect bites

Have you ever had a patch of red or pale skin colored welts appear on the surface of your skin in random areas which include part of the neck, hands, and feet? Now the first notion for everyone is that they have just got an insect bite and funny enough one would start fumbling around looking for a small bug. The itchiness, of course, would lead to a lot of scratching hence you would naturally suspect bug bites without giving a single thought to urticaria: a medical condition mostly resulting from allergic reactions. The itchiness and discomfort coupled with the small red bumps could be common symptoms for both bug bites and hives however from close analysis there is a clear but thin line to separate the two.

man with red face

Most common symptoms

First off let’s calm the panic by letting you know that hives can be treated. Oxyhives is one of the best, if not the best medication to treat hives. The 100% natural blend of natural ingredients acts almost instantly soon after consumption. It is found as a sublingual spray. Learn more about Oxyhives.

First off hives usually affect or rather randomly appear on the skin surface. They could be on your neck only to vanish and resurface on your hands, whereas insect bites only impinge the bitten area and they usually don’t spread over to other skin areas; they remain confined within the definitions of the bite.

A very important point to note; if untreated urticaria could last for months however ordinary bug mites could only last for a couple of days or so as the body has a system in place to combat these bites. The irritation and inflammation caused by both hives and bug bites could mislead most people. However with a close inspection from derma pathologists they can easily identify the accumulation of histamine in the blood which is a clear sign to differentiate between the two. Histamines accumulate in the blood as a result of an allergic reaction, like Urticaria.